Limited Edition Product: Bar's Bugs x The Skid Factory

Bar's Bugs x The Skid Factory Limited Edition Windscreen Cleaner - Lemon Squash Scented!It's Bar’s Bugs – with a twist.

Introducing our very special, limited-edition collaboration Windscreen Cleaner with The Skid Factory! Exclusive to Supercheap Auto.

True blue Aussie mates Al & Woody together are The Skid Factory, best known for their turbo charged Youtube channel where they work on all sorts of cars. We asked them to put their stamp on our Washer Additive – and what we got was a souped up version of our cult classic original recipe… And when we say souped up, we mean they made it smell like lemons. Genius.
Al and Woody from the Skid Factory - Bar's Bugs Windscreen Cleaner
Just as powerful as their engine builds, Bar’s Bugs Windscreen Cleaner effortlessly tackles bugs, road grime and stubborn dirt – leaving windshields across Australia spotless and streak-free since forever.

Get more than just a clean windshield…

Get a breath of fresh Aussie air.

Some say the smell reminds them of sipping on an ice-cold lemon squash, on a scorching summer day, while cruising around the sunshine coast.
In Al's words (aka Turbo Yoda), “Use ya Brain” and hurry into Supercheap.

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 Bar's Bugs - The Skid Factory Limited Edition Windscreen Cleaner - Available exclusively at Supercheap Auto (SCA)